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Flat Monthly is a revolutionary platform for landlords, agents and tenants to expedite the process of listing, searching and transacting agreements for the rental of condominiums and apartments. By moving the rental process online, automating many routine tasks, and adding cutting edge features like 3D photography Virtual Reality tours and digital signing, the company offers all parties an innovative way to streamline the rental process end-to-end, saving time and money while achieving more satisfactory results -- quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

Why We Do It

Making a new start in a new place, whether moving to a new area or a new country, should be an enjoyable, exciting, satisfying experience. Sadly, that is rarely the case, and the cumbersome and inefficient property rental process is largely to blame.The founders of Flat Monthly knew from painful personal experience that finding a suitable property with traditional methods was a source of frustration and dissatisfaction. Prospective tenants are exhausted and annoyed by the search and inspection process. Agents are tired of the inefficient listing and contract process.Landlords are distressed that their property investments produce headaches rather than the expected yield. Leveraging their combined experience in the real estate and hospitality industries, the founders set out to create a revolutionary online platform that relieves each of the pain points for all parties, andmakes the rental process a breeze.

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"The founders of Flat Monthly are serial entrepreneurs from the real estate and hospitality industries. They bring a seasoned and experienced passion to the company. Having built many successful businesses in the past, their shared passion brought together two longstanding friends to develop a world class proptech company."

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The company has a few fundamental beliefs that drive its business model and its employee culture. The founders believe that people respect and value good faith, transparent dealings. Working together with integrity and full transparency, sets the foundation for mutual trust and, with it, success for all parties. Our belief, based on experience, is that this commitment and practice leads to long-term partnerships in the business and consumer community, A bond in which all stakeholders -- staff, investors, customers and partners -- can take well-earned pride.

We listen and we consider. We assess and then we execute. We deliver signed contracts for the benefit of all, and then we keep on serving each. No task is too difficult. We are Flat Monthly.

Our business was born out of the need to solve a problem in the rental market. If you are in the industry, a landlord or a tenant, and you think we can help you, just reach out and say “Hi....can you help me”.....and leave the rest to us.