Ho Chi Minh City – Vibrant, Cultural, Amazing

Culture, Food and Architecture

Ho Chi Minh City, formally known as Saigon. A noisy and hot dynamic city with plenty of culture and a great place to soak up this countries complex history. The City is well known for its pivotal role in the wars with the United States and France. The latter being the colonial power for the large part of the 19th Century. The influence of the French colonialist period is evident throughout the city, both in its architecture and culturally. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, made entirely of materials imported from France, and the 19th-century Central Post Office are both iconic buildings in the center of the city. Amazing food stalls line the city’s streets, bursting with French-Asian fusion faye, especially around the bustling Bến Thành Market place.

Where to Live in HCMC

HCMC is Vietnam’s largest and most populated city. With a population of approximately 8 million. The city is divided into 24 districts. With 19 inner districts and five suburban districts. Deciding where to live is a choice you should be able to make easily. As each of these districts offer a distinctively unique experience and it is important to consider each district’s characteristics. Here are a few options to consider, which of course still depends on your circumstances and reason for travel.

If you are here for work then you should consider the heart of the city. Certainly within districts 1 and 3, as these are ideal for an easy commute into the CBD. You have lots of choice in new modern condos and apartments for monthly rent. All available through Flatmonthly.com from 1 month to 12 months and all come with the amazing concierge service. So no matter your location, budget or size of apartment, FlatMonthly will be able to help you out in your temporary home from home. Of course if you are bringing your family or will be having your family come over during your stay. You may need something bigger and more family friendly. So you should be looking at district 2 and 7 for this. However, do make sure to take your commute times into consideration. The traffic in and out of HCMC can become very busy and congested.

But, should you find you need both the space and a place to relax and unwind, Thao Dien and An Phu both have high-quality residential apartments. Plenty of large houses and villas for rent, at reasonable monthly rates. Perfect for executive apartments for monthly rent should that be what you are looking for. In the area there are plenty of restaurants, shops and grocery stores. Along with commercial offices nestled in with parks and gardens.

FlatMonthly Service

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