The Largest City in South East Asia – The Big Durian

Jakarta the capital and largest city of Indonesia sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. With its historic mix of cultures and Dutch colonial buildings, it’s a place to spend a lot of time in. Indonesia is a huge place with a very varied and diverse culture. Yet, in Jakarta, you can find the whole of Indonesia around every corner. With its friendly people from all of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, they bring all sorts of flavors and tastes to try and tempt you into their café’s.

As Jakarta goes through a major resurgence for its infrastructure right now and to stop the increasing flooding throughout the city, it can be chaos. Yet its charms still remain right across this wonderful city. Its vast collection of rooftop bars and restaurants, a great time can be had overlooking the city skyline as the sun goes down over this fabulous city.

The Hub of Trade and Commerce

Jakarta is a real manufacturing hub of South East Asia, serving everything from Margarine and Soap factories to Glassware and Wire Cables. The electronics industry is the main sector in Jakarta and some of the largest multinational companies are situated just outside of this sprawling metropolis.

Jakarta has 30 million people and to serve all these people, Jakarta has only a small commuter rail system. It maybe is why the Jakarta congestion is the worst in the world. However, the municipal government put in place various systems to improve the network. Including a notable toll road network composed of an inner and outer ring road and five toll roads radiating outwards. Even a policy of ‘odd-even’ was put in place, which meant depending on your vehicle license number, you could ride the network if your number was either odd or even. Jakarta is now embarking on a number of transport construction projects including an Underground and elevated train network and these are expected within the next year.

Where to live in Jakarta

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