Do you need to generate high rental yields and occupancy from your property investment ?

If you are looking for the complete property management solution for your apartment, condominium or villa we believe we have the best solution for you. Our commitment is to ensure we generate the highest rental yields and occupancy for you investment properties. We can do this by creating a significant point of difference in the current market place by accessing multiple markets, in a flexible and guest driven experienece. We simply take the hassle out of property management and and have control of the process from the start through to the finish…after all thats why your paying us!…


Why we can achieve better yield and return for property owners


Once you’ve completed our information form, we are not that far away from finding a guest for your apartment. Right from the start, we will take care of all the steps for a property management service that takes away all of the hassle and stress from you. Co-ordinating our interior designers, taking the most exquisite photographs of your property that will portray your property in the most perfect light, that will attract just the right guests for your apartment on our website and social media services. We conduct all the property inspections, complete the lease agreements, collect the rent, arrange for repairs and make sure our guests look after your property…. we do all this and more.

We would love you to read on, so you completely understand why Flat Monthly takes the hassle and stress away from property management in Asia Pacific. Our goal is to develop a relationship with our clients in order to have them as a client for life.


    • Rents are around 20-30% higher than for unfurnished apartments.


  • With leases and rental agreement ranging from 30 days to 1 year, the improvement in occupancy will improve significantly.
  • Yields for your property investment will improve by up to 30%.
  • Accessing rental markets that were previously only handled by serviced apartment operators.


  • The way we market and promote your property is unmatched.
  • Our standard operating procedures covering all steps of the property management function is world’s best practice.
  • Detailed screening of all guest applications.
  • A complete end to end property solution that takes all the hassle and frustration away.
  • Because we care for our property owners and we care for our guests that lead to high levels of customer satisfaction all round.



Who are Flat Monthly?

Flat monthly specializes in the monthly rental of fully furnished and equipped condominiums. Our business commenced in Bangkok, Thailand and over the coming years will be expanding our business into Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Our owners and guests come from all over the world and our business was developed in order to solve a specific problem that a group of our property owners had been experiencing as well as our guests…. flexibility, hassle-free, customer-focused solutions needed to be created.

What services do Flat Monthly provide?

We provide a complete solution to managing all of your property management needs. This includes inspections pre and posts guest stay, completing lease agreements, photography, styling, furniture fit-outs, repair and maintenance services, rental collections, rental price settings, vetting and selecting guests, cleaning, and 24/7 concierge services for our guests as well. We will also provide advice based on our experience of how to maximize rental yield and occupancy.

What happens if my apartment is unfurnished?

No problems, we can help you. We have a choice of 3 furniture packages that you can choose. You can pay upfront or over the life of the exclusive agency agreement with Flat Monthly. Once you choose the package you can leave the rest up to us in order to deliver and fit-out your property.

Will Flat Monthly require an exclusive agreement to manage my property?

Yes, we will require and exclusive agency agreement.

What fees do we charge?

We charge 15% on gross rentals monthly, generated from the property. Our incentive is strongly aligned to our property owners, we only get paid when we do our job. The fee includes a complete end to end property management service.

What areas of Thailand do you provide services?

We are initially commencing our services in Bangkok. In 2018 we will extend these services to Chiang Mai and Phuket. We are looking for apartments that are well looked after, completely equipped and furnished to a modern standard.

What is the average occupancy of an apartment with Flat Monthly?

In our experience, if your property is styled to our standards and we meet the current market pricing expectations, you can expect an occupancy rate of above 85%.

What are the advantages of a furnished apartment that's fully equipped and managed by Flat Monthly?

That’s simple…better rental yield and occupancy rates by up to 30%.

What does Flat Monthly need from you?

Call or email us first. Then we can obtain details about your property location, a condition of your apartment and your expectations of what you need from us. Following from this we will arrange an inspection of your property and then create a plan to get your property to the market.


Please complete the following questionaire and send it to us.