Phnom Penh - The ‘Garden of South East Asia’

Phnom Penh a vibrant bustling capital in the heart of Cambodia. Situated at the confluence of three rivers, the mighty Mekong, the Bassac, and the great Tonle Sap. Phnom Penh is a leafy South East Asian capital with a nice riverside promenade.

This beautiful capital city I known as the ‘Garden of South East Asia’ and rightly so. From its walkable riverfront which is lined with parks and restaurants and café culture to the ornate Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum that displays artifacts from around the country, the city’s beauty is astounding. At the very heart of the city is the massive, art deco Central Market a must see and place to have on your places to visit list.

The City Of Four Faces

Known previously as “City of Four Faces” or Krong Chaktomuk, which referred to the X of the Conferencing Rivers where Phnom Penh is situated. It’s these rivers that have given rise to Phnom Penh’s success as capital.

Phnom Penh which means “the hill of the Penh” is located in the south-central region of Cambodia and is called home by approx. 1 million people. With a total population of 14 million in Cambodia, Phnom Penh is the wealthiest city in the country and holds the political seat. The capital was moved here from Angkor after Siam invaded. The largest industries within Cambodia are textiles and tourism, with Phnom Penh being the hub for both of these. Outside of the main city, it’s agriculture that rules.

Phnom Penh and Getting Around

The infrastructure in Phnom Penh is very much lacking and weak and you will find getting around without transport difficult. Local taxi and Tuk tuk’s are available and cheap so you will need to get to know how to say some directions in the local language. Limited train service is available to other areas of Cambodia, Poipet on the Thai border being such a destination.

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Rarely referred to by its real name, Boeung Keng Kang or BKK1, is now one of the most sought-after areas for expats and people looking for short term rentals from 1 to 12 months. It has a reputation as the expat quarter and is home too many of the country’s NGO headquarters. Now home to modern condos and apartment blocks, it has a style and culture of its own. With a vibrant café, restaurants, and bars, if you are seeking the comforts of the west BKK1 has it all for you.

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