Seoul – A Mix Of Tradition, Art and Culture

Seoul, the cultural center of South Korea and Olympic host city, with its Buddhist temples and historical buildings. A special city, known for fashion, Pop culture and technology is a place for everyone and everyone has a place. With a population of almost 10 million, Seoul is how you envisage it, busy!

A beautiful city mixed with tradition, art, and culture, with always one eye on its neighbor, evidence of which can be seen right throughout the city. From the underground railway, which doubles as air raid shelters to the most impressive and poignant war museum. But this city is much more than that and has so much more to offer a new expat staying on a short-term contract. Seoul is a leading global city steeped in history. However, the abundance of tech industries, both international and local that have set up in the area is what attracts the expat community here in this vibrant capital.

Unique Style of Seoul

From its great unique food style and abundance of shopping malls to the vast amount of parkland areas throughout the city, Seoul has everything. Tourist attractions are in all parts of the city and can be accessed by the ever-growing underground rail network. The ride from the airport which is located in Incheon, one of the fast-growing suburbs of Seoul, is a smooth ride on a very fast bullet train, right into the heart of the city. The city itself is easy to get around using the underground and it goes to all corners of this vast metropolis. The stations are clearly marked and have an English translation. The locals will provide plenty of help too if asked.

Therefore, where to live in Seoul will depend on your preference to how close you wish to be to your new place of work, and, or how fast paced you wish to have your life. If you are looking for nightlife, Seoul has plenty and you should be looking for a place in the Myeongdong area. A place with plenty of street food, shopping and access to the city’s nightlife scene.  Hannam-dong which is the area in which the UN call home in Seoul, and could be a great place to call home should you prefer a quieter life, away from the hustle and bustle.

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