Singapore – The Island Nation

Singapore is known as a Global Financial Center and Asian Tiger Economy, and is home to a multicultural population. With grand historic buildings and modern architecture giving a stunning skyline. It’s a place you won’t want to leave. Singapore is a favorite playground of the rich and the famous. However, the appeal of its Modern day beauty and Historic charm, the Pearl in South East Asia’s Crown is a place to be visited by everybody.

Singapore, an ever changing city with a deep rooted history in trade and commerce. The tiny island sate consists of one main island and 62 other islets. And is bordered to the north by Malaysia. It’s a country renowned for its quick rise in global standing. Going from being third world to first world, within one generation. The Island Nation, gained independence from Great Britain in 1963 and quickly rose as a powerhouse in Asia, despite not having any natural resources.

The Hub of Trade and Commerce

Singapore has since carved itself out as a global hub for a multitude of industries from education and finance, to healthcare, and manufacturing. Technology and transport as well as tourism and trade. It’s the city where deals are done and trades are made.  As the world’s smartest city, both in education and technology it ranks number 1 in most city ranking lists. It is also the world’s safest country, boasting the lowest crime rates per capita of any country around the world.

Of course when it comes to transportation, Singapore has it all. From an extensive underground rail system, to buses that run smoothly and perfectly on time. The “world’s best airport” in Changi and the “World’s Best Airline” in Singapore Airlines. It’s not only a great destination, but also a gateway to the rest of Asia and the World.

A City Where East Meets West

Singapore has an abundance of world-class, affordable attractions and vast variety of restaurants and nightlife options. No Matter where you decide to reside in this amazing Island City, it can cater to everybody. A remarkably culturally diverse country, this tiny island-state is where East Meets West.

Although Singapore is not the largest of places, if you are new to Singapore, choosing an area or suburb to live can still be pretty difficult. Of course this is going to come down to many different factors, your proximity to your office, for example. How long you are staying, family and of course budget. FlatMonthly can help you find what you are looking for all over this majestic isle, with Monthly Apartment rentals in Holland Village. 2 Bed Apartments on Orchard, or Executive Condos in Tanglin. All available from 3 months to 12 months. So no matter your location, budget or size of apartment, FlatMonthly will be able to help you out.

FlatMonthly Service

FlatMonthly provides a unique Concierge Service that will provide you with a service that is second to none. Giving you a home away from home. Your own Private Serviced Apartment, without the need of a lengthy 12 month contract and hefty initial deposit. Note however that in Singapore the minimum legal period for a rental is 3 months. Therefore all Flat Monthly apartments are only available for a minimum 3 month period.

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